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Deadlines & General Information

The application period for the Springfield Community Foundation’s (SCF) Community Grant Program will begin on February 1st of each year with a deadline of February 28th. An electronic copy of the application packet can be found at

  1. All applications must be postmarked or emailed by February 28th.

  2. The organization must qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or be a federally tax-exempt organization under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service.

  3. Nonprofit organizations can submit grant requests of up to $2,500 for consideration.

  4. Organizations can only submit one application per grant cycle. Organizations must submit a new application for each grant cycle.

  5. All applications must be typed or printed from an electronic application. No handwritten applications will be considered.

  6. All questions on the application form must be answered. Supporting documents are required.

  7. The grant recipient will be required to sign a grant agreement and provide a detailed report on how the funds were expended. The recipient must agree to arrange appropriate publicity regarding the receipt of grant funding from the SCF.

  8. Misuse of funds will result in a recall of the grant and ineligibility for future grant support.

Please submit completed application to:

By Mail:

Springfield Community Foundation

Attn: Grant Review Committee

P.O. Box 64 

Springfield, NE  68059

By Email:


Eligibility Requirements

Organizations seeking Foundation funding must meet the following criteria: 

  1. The organization must provide services to, and the grant proceeds must be used within, the City of Springfield, and/or the Springfield Platteview Community Schools district boundary to be considered for support. 

  2. The organization must qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or be a federally tax-exempt organization under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service.

  3. As a general rule, the Foundation does not support grant requests for:

  • Debt reduction.

  • Direct aid to individuals/families.

  • Projects of religion-based organizations (unless the project is secular and does not give priority or preferential treatment to the religious organization or its members).

  • Political organizations or projects.

  • Dinners, tickets, conferences.

  • Organizations with an “active” grant. An “active” grant is a SCF grant that has been awarded but not expended. This grant will not be considered “closed” until a final report has been received on the project or organization for which the grant was provided.

The Springfield Community Foundation reserves the right to fund occasional grant requests for items on the above list at the discretion of the Board.  

Application Packet

Please submit the following information:

  • Completed and signed Grant Application Form.

  • Board of directors list, including contact information, affiliations, and description of skills each brings to the organization.

  • Federal tax exemption letter from the IRS.

  • Form 990, balance sheet and income statement for the most recent fiscal year.

  • Organization’s total operating budget for the current fiscal year, including principal sources of income.

  • If applicable, requests for school-based grants must include a written confirmation letter that the proposed project or program has been reviewed and accepted by the selected school district(s). 

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